A Dallas arts legend, a National Endowment For The Arts Master Poet, an NPR and KERA alumnus. And now, Rawlins Gilliland is your personal writer.

Surprise a friend. Celebrate a wedding. Reward a colleague. Honor a loved one. Mark an anniversary.

With a poem from Rawlins.
Why get a poem
Life and love are always better with a poem; College Graduations, Retirements, Birth Announcements, Major Birthdays, Anniversaries, Funeral Wakes, Wedding Receptions , Citizenship Ceremony, Awards, Recognitions or Holidays.
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5 Line Limerick
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Your poem doesn't have to fit one of these, it can be whatever you want it to be.
What kind of a poem could it be?
Funny. Clever. Romantic. Absurd. Jolly. Tragic. Serious. Intelligent. Silly. Bookish. Nimble. Laconic. Epic. Intimate. Fantastical. Platonic. Dramatic. Familial. Elegiac. Friendly. Idyllic. Melodious.
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What Others Say

"Rawlins surprised my wife and me with a lovely and thoughtful poem on our anniversary last year—a perfect gift!  Let him work his poetic magic for your special occasion."

Scott Chase

"Rawlins captured the essence of my wife Emily in a poem for her 40th birthday that I return to year after year to read, reflect, and share."

Hunter Bywaters

"In 2019, my husband retired from his career of 34 years as an airline pilot, a job he dearly loved and that took him all over the world..  Our friends and family were to gather to celebrate the occasion in a beautiful historic place. Finally, a poem by Rawlins - something that reflected my husband’- pragmatic and patient, yet daring with a touch of romance.   Rawlins brought it all home."

Veletta Forsythe Lill
former Dallas city councilwoman, former executive director of the Dallas Arts District

Rawlins Gilliland can take a simple yarn and weave it into a tapestry of imagery and humor, anticipation and surprise, with the precise language of a gifted novelist — with the added benefit that everything he says is amazingly, gloriously true. Thank god such an interesting life was entrusted to this preeminent raconteur.

Wayne Jones
Dallas Voice

"Rawlins' magnum opus proves he is a wordsmith, and an eyewitness to history. Just as David Sedaris honed his craft as a writer while working at Macy's, Rawlins Gilliland mines a wealth of material from his life in Dallas, including time spent as a top Neiman Marcus exec."

Catherine Cuellar, Executive Director
The Dallas Arts District

"Broadway-worthy!  Rawlins Gilliland and his stories are one of a kind!"

Jim Gold, President
Neiman Marcus
Printed on World-Class Crane Paper
Poems are printed on Crane Paper, an industry standard for more than 200 years. It is a vintage pale champagne cream color, completely acid free, and will last for centuries.
Delivering Your Poem
The poem is emailed to your recipient, with a personal note from Rawlins Gilliland.

In protective bubble envelope, in a folder. Flat fee anywhere in the US.

Local delivery in Dallas is available. Please contact us for more information and specifics.

What I Need, To Write Your Poem
Be free, be comfortable, tell me your story. Any ideas and thoughts can become a poem. A big poem, or a small one. You can send your ideas via email, or give me a call. You can even weigh your themes and topics with a (1-10) score.
Enjoying Your Poem
(All printed poems are delivered in two copies.)
The poem is emailed to your recipient, with a personal note from Rawlins Gilliland.

Crane Legal
A nice luxe weight archival quality. Perfect for framing. 100% cotton acid free, it will last for centuries.

Crane Presentation
Heavy weight, worthy of important documents. Perfect for framing. 100% cotton acid free, to last centuries.

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